What are the benefits of micropigmentation?

benefits of micropigmentation

The most obvious benefits of micropigmentation (permanent makeup) is that it can simply save you time. People with busy schedules, long commutes and numerous commitments can gain several minutes out of their morning routine each day. And you never have to worry about your makeup smudging or fading. Permanent makeup does not come off after swimming, working out or showering. There are many other reasons for someone to get permanent makeup beyond the time-saving benefits:

  • Micropigmentation treatments help to frame your face and often take years off!
  • Gives a more confident look.
  • Stays on all day and all night.
  • Saves you time in the morning for make-up application and at night there is less removal.
  • Usually lasts between 2-3 years.
  • Saves money on make-up purchases.
  • Allows you to enjoy smudge-free sports.
  • Look great before, during and after gym work-outs!
  • Fills in your eyebrows for a more complete look.
  • Can correct asymmetrical facial features.
  • Defines your lips, and add fullness and colour.
  • Enhances lip colour that complements your skin and hair tones.

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